Art in New York: Broadway and beyond

Love art in its various forms – exhibitions, Broadway musicals, and graffiti, among others? New York is the right place to enjoy it. Here’s an overview of how you can enjoy art in New York City.

Broadway theatre

Broadway has transformed into a synonym of theater itself. Visiting Broadway means attending one of its numerous theatres, located near Times Square. Millions of tourists from all over the world arrive in New York to see some of the best Broadway shows. They include the all-time favorites “The Lion King” and “Chicago”, as well as new hit shows like “Hamilton”. So, if you are an art enthusiast who has landed in New York City, don’t miss a chance to enjoy Broadway’s productions. Here’re a few ideas of best rated Broadway musicals, which appeal to different audiences:

  • The Lion King – a great Broadway show based on the Disney hit movie, which attracts fans year over year.
  • Aladdin – A theatre show, telling the magical story of Aladdin, a flying carpet, and a genie.
  • Chicago – One of the best musicals of all time, it will take your breath away with its memorable musical numbers and stellar performance.
  • Hamilton – New and inspiring hit, exploring American history and a great musical performance to suit every taste.
  • Mean Girls – Hilarious family comedy in the form of an entertaining Broadway musical show.
  • Frozen – Based on the famous movie, it’s a great story, brilliant music, and amazing performance all in one.

New York City art museums

New York City will satisfy all art fans, not only the ones fond of theatre and the iconic Broadway shows. Some of the world’s best art museums are located in New York. The Metropolitan Museum of Art was established in 1870 and is the biggest art museum in the USA and one of the largest in the world. Its art collections are impressive, to say the least, so plan a tour.

Other famous art museums in New York? MoMA, the Guggenheim and the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the American Folk Art Museum are just part of a long list of places to enjoy art exhibitions in New York City. Additionally, don’t miss a chance to visit the Brooklyn Museum, which is one of the biggest and most famous museums in the country. Enjoy the contemporary art exhibitions and also pass by the Contemporary Art Center in New York City, where you can see the artwork of renowned and emerging artists.

New York City street art

New York City street art is world-famous. It appeared during the 1970s in a time of financial crisis and crimes in New York City. As a response to the chaos, youngsters from Bronx and Brooklyn started painting graffiti on subway cars and buildings. This illegal activity led to the creation of a special art form, which became popular all over the world. Now you can enjoy street art in New York City galleries and art museums, as well as spots around the city. 

Let’s explore a few examples.  Banksy’s “Hammer Boy” is located on 79th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam Ave. The Bronx’s Wall of Fame is showing amazing street art too. 

Are you stressed? Do you need art therapy? These shows will surely help you! Don’t know where to see them? Right here!