Best Five Broadway Theaters in New York

Although Broadway theaters in New York are currently being closed by an Order of the New York State Governor due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s always a good time to revisit the best of them. Because in uncertain times like these, we need art more than ever – to inspire and comfort us.

Without further ado, we present you a top-five ranking of the Broadway theaters in New York-based on size, design, comfort, and most importantly audience experience. Let’s dive right in.

Lyric Theatre

Opened back in 1903, the Lyric Broadway Theatre in New York has hosted some of the most popular Broadway shows. The overall look of the theatre is modern and heavily decorated.

The theatre stage area is quite big and allows for stunning visual effects, which can’t be accommodated in other theaters.  Also, the seats are comfortable and a bit wider than what’s usually seen across Broadway theaters, guaranteeing viewers a comfortable and enjoyable theatre experience. As far as lighting and sound systems are concerned, this Broadway theatre owns some of the best ones in New York. 

Gershwin Theatre

Did you know that the Gershwin theatre has hosted some of the longest-running Broadway shows? Opened in 1972, it’s far bigger than the other theaters Broadway with the impressive 1,900 seats. The exterior is modern, and all the theatre seats are covered in black colored material and quite comfortable for the audiences.

Although it’s the biggest theatre on Broadway in New York, it’s still capable of providing a delightful and personal experience to its audience.

New Amsterdam Theatre

If you would like to enjoy some art on Broadway, don’t miss the New Amsterdam Theatre. It’s impressively big with 1801 seats. Opened back in 1903, it has an interesting history. Abandoned for more than 20 years, it was rediscovered by Disney, who gave life to this historic landmark and turned it into one of the most loved Broadway theaters. 

In terms of interior, the theatre is both imposing and magnificent, offering a pleasurable experience to its visitors, craving their dose of good art. The lighting system is stunning as well. Not to mention the powerful sound system, which makes Broadway theatre shows come to life in front of the mesmerized audiences.

Majestic Theatre

Majestic Theatre

Speaking of lavish and stylish theatre interior, the Majestic Theatre deserves a place in the ranking. It follows an all-black-and-gold theme and boasts a number of beautiful sculptures and designs, covering its walls and ceilings.

Its size is substantial, and the seats are black suede and cushy. To be specific, it has 1645 seats, welcoming audiences, who are eager for a top Broadway theatre experience. 

Winter Garden Theatre

Let’s not overlook another fascinating Broadway theatre in New York, where all art lovers can enjoy themselves. From a state-of-the-art lighting system to live viewing experiences and the larges marquee on Broadway, the Winter Garden Theatre is a great venue. Its immersive theatre shows and a stylish design make is the right place to play some of the best Broadway shows ever staged in New York. With its 1533 seats, the theatre is also spacious enough to accommodate its audiences.

Broadway art to lift your spirits

Looking forward to enjoying Broadway art inside some of the best theatres in New York? This list might deliver some inspiration and prepare you for the moment Broadway is open again.

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