Broadway Songs That Make Us Cry

We’ve all heard people singing Broadway songs that make us cry ugly, but have you seen the kind of tunes that send you looking for a box of tissues? We only looked at songs from musicals that actually ran on Broadway and only included one song from each musical. It looks like it’s really going to send you searching for a box of tissues. We’ve all heard people sing, but have you ever sung a song that moved you to tears in the middle of the night, in front of a group of friends or family members, or even just in your own home?

“Finding Neverland”

Peter Pan is a popular character, and the musical tells the story of the wonderfully sweet family that inspired author J.M. Barrie to write the now iconic story. The story is not always about tragedy, because there are indeed many happy times, but in this musical we see the shades of character and history that we have come to know through Sylvia and her children.

“Be More Chill”

It’s hard to be an outsider at school when your only friend decides to swallow a computer chip activated by Mountain Dew and sings and tells him how to become more popular. Strange as it sounds, that’s exactly what Michael is experiencing when his friend Jeremy takes over and begins to follow Michael’s advice to completely change his life and get the girl he wants. Michael panicks at a party in the bathroom and then goes to come up with his own plan, with which he now has no one to hang out with.


The song may have an optimistic quality, but it has an underlying sadness that is incredibly changeable. Marvin and his friend Whizzer have survived everything in falsetto history, and this journey has, for better or worse, been etched into their lives. Romance is not always as easy as a boy meeting another boy, and there is a lot of heartbreak in Marvin’s life, as well as in his relationship with his best friend. This song has the potential to be one of the finest songs in Broadway history, if not the best song in history.

I decided to say this because how else could you know who you are really in love with and what you love about yourself?


Not everyone knows the evil witch of the West, but this fantastic musical has shed many tears, tears of laughter and even a little bit of fainting tissue.

History may not excuse his subsequent actions, but with more context we cannot exactly blame him for his actions. But as bad as it may seem, the song shows that something is wrong if you never let go, no matter how hard you try. He was shunned by his peers, ignored by his father and denied a fair chance in life. It’s a song about being a bit of a loser, a lot of things that you never let go of.


Talk about Broadway songs that make us cry… Jenna is a waitress trapped in an abusive marriage trying to save money so she and her unborn child can make a fresh start together. Unfortunately, her husband Earl learns of her secret savings and leaves, leaving her with nothing to show for her hard work. It’s a beautiful song about how we all change the lives of others for the better, and it’s also one of my favorite songs of all time.

The pain in her voice will resonate with anyone who has experienced loss and hopelessness. Although the song is heartbreaking, it reminds us that we don’t have to be perfect to earn happiness. In these emotional moments, Jenna delivers a moving song about the loss of control and the pain of loss. Jenna sings not only about her love for her husband, but also about herself, her family and her life.


Which Broadway songs make you cry, and let us know in the comments below what you think of Msmojo’s list of tears – a jerky Broadway song that makes – us – cry.

Have you read any good musical books recently?

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