Bromances on Broadway

The Bromances are super trendy in Hollywood, but Broadway is not far behind where it comes to male BFFS, and people who are brothers from different mothers than actually just good friends. Join us to meet the musical theater equivalents of Jonah Hill and Bradley Cooper.

Elder Price and Elder Cunningham (Book of Mormon)

As in any typical bromance – the couple is composed of polar opposites (I guess they do attract). The two LDS Elders are dropped in an absurd mission to convert people in a Ugandan village. The prideful Price, who dreams to climb the ladder of the church tries as hard as he can to succeed where every other Elder failed. Cunningham is simply happy to be there with his buddy. And to see Nabulungi smile. In fact, he is the one who saves it for his BFF. When Price breaks down and returns to the US, Cunningham creates a more “applicable” version of the religion, with Darth Vader, Master Yoda, and some hobbits.

Cunningham is always loyal to his friend Price, even when the latter dumps him, and leaves for Orlando. However, the love for Cunningham and the LDS Church brings Price right in time to restart his mission, despite some painful setbacks. In the end the awkward LDS duo manages to save their glorious mission.

Glinda and Elphaba (Wicked)

Not like the bromances on Broadway, but more of a sistermance.

The relations between these two go through a very complicated twists through this Broadway classic. After all, they are the Good Witch and the Wicked Witch of the West. The two start the show as fierce competitors. To add to all this, Madame Morrible puts the two together as roommates. Then, a strange friendship flourishes between the green, shy Elphaba, and the beauty queen Glinda. However, the two bond after the mischievous, yet compassionate Glinda pranks Elphaba with a witch hat. Later, the two bond, share secrets, and Elphaba asks Morrible if Glinda can join the sorcery classes.

Yet, their relations are about to reach a low, due to their love for prince Fiyero, who contrary to the popular opinion chooses the green-skinned girl. He brings her flowers when she leaves for Oz, ignoring Glinda’s efforts, even after she changes her name (with the original one being Galinda).

Elphaba goes on a rampage after her visit to The Wizard, so the government bills her as an outlaw, installing Glinda to chase her down. Morrible tries to engage her to Fiyero, but the prince runs away. Being at the front lines of two opposing sides, the two clash constantly. The next victim of their war is Nessa, Elphaba’s little sister, who dies in an accident when Dorothy arrives in the Land of Oz. Things between the two escalate quickly. The guards come to arrest Elphaba, but Fiyero holds Glinda hostage, so his beloved escapes. She manages to run away, but the guards crucify Fiyero.

The two have their last stand-off at Kiamo Ko. They share a tender moment of true friendship, just seconds before Dorothy throws a bucket of water on Elphaba.

Alexander Hamilton and George Washington (Hamilton)

It might be nice, it might be nice to have Washington on your side…

The great historical relations that were shared between Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, and the First US President, Gen. George Washington are amongst the main story arcs of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway super hit.

The two met and instantly clicked early in the show. The ambitious Hamilton quickly earns the love of the general, raises as his right-hand man. The have a fall-out after the Laurens-Lee duel, and is sent home. He is called back after Lafayette ask his return from Washington for the Battle at Yorktown.

Hamilton receives Washington’s help through the whole show (and his real-life political career) – giving him power as Secretary of Treasury, and later – in his debate with Jefferson if the USA should join the war between France and Great Britain.

The two are together when Washington writes his farewell address – his last political act as president.

The Bromances are making their way on Broadway. Although a more comical trait, they are surging in pop culture, and we’ll be seeing more and more of them on stage!   

The bromances on Broadway are cool! And some of them are pretty goofy, check them out! Have you ever wondered how to become an actor on Broadway?