Goofballs of Broadway

Sometimes all we need is just a good laugh, and the goofballs of Broadway are here just for that. Awkward, clumsy, and frankly stupid, these characters are amongst fan favorites for being either comic relief or a part of the main story arc of a successful show. Enjoy them below!

Beetlejuice (Beetlejuice)

A charming rogue in a striped suit. Beetlejuice is a demon that wants to live eternally and terrorize. That’s quite OK, but he wants to do it in our world.

At first, he manages to trick a gothic, depressed teen girl named Lydia Deetz. She helps him regain his physical form, and the two, along with the recently deceased Maitlands ruin her father’s business plans.

Not fully satisfied, Beetlejuice continues the pursuit of his goals, using Lydia as an instrument. This time he wants to travel the world. But he needs to be married to a living person in order to do this. What follows is a chain of plot twists, and shenanigans, which results in summoning Beetlejuice’s mother – Juno. She throws her pesky son out, but he returns on a huge sandworm. That eats her.

Timon and Pumbaa (The Lion King)

Two slackers save an exiled prince. What can go wrong?

Timon and Pumbaa are cult characters on their own. They are widely loved for their carefree lifestyle – the so-called “Hakuna Matata”. But that’s not what Simba wants from life. When he turns back to the Pride Lands, the follow only for Timon to nearly drawn, and Pumbaa is seconds away from becoming Nala’s lunch. The odd couple proves their worth in battle when they dance Charleston to Scar’s hyenas so Simba can reach Pride Rock.

Simba might not appreciate their lifestyle but Hakuna Matata is enjoyed by millions of fans worldwide. Actually, it is enjoyed so much, that Timon and Pumbaa received their own shows and animated movies.

Elder Cunningham (Book of Mormon)

“The Book of Mormon” is a story about a couple of Latter-Day saints, thrown in a Ugandan village, terrorized by a tribal warlord and suffering AIDS epidemic. But, where can we have goofballs in this Broadway hit? Written by the creators of South Park. Tighten your seatbelts!

When Elders Price and Cunningham are dropped in the middle of nowhere, the valiant and prideful Price is set to succeed where all the others failed, while Cunningham is just happy to be there. When things fall apart, Price wants to go home, but the crafty Cunningham decides to make the preaching of the LDS a bit more applicable…by adding hobbits, Yoda, and Darth Vader.

Joyful, positive, and cunning, Elder Cunningham is the balance of the dutiful Price. Some even consider him the brain behind the whole Ugandan operation.

Karen Smith (Mean Girls)

Karen is a member of the Plastics, and one of Regina George’s drones. She puts the D in orange, has shiny hair, and a tiny skirt. Karen might not be smart, but she cured sex cancer. She desires world peace and Halloween every day! On Halloween, you can be everyone, but sexy! After all, being the hot one is a full-time gig!

Stupid and shallow, yet good-hearted, kind, and sweet, Karen is the comic relief in the all-together funny “Mean Girls”. She’s probably the only one not engaged in “courtly intrigue” just living her high-school life.

King George III (Hamilton)

Not all goofballs are good! Some of them are evil! And frankly – quite powerful. In this particular case – the king of The British Empire, a global superpower!

His Royal Majesty is angry at his loyal, royal subjects – the rebelling colonies in the New World, that they want to go away from him. He sings, in a very sad manner that will send fully armed battalions to kill their friends and families. To remind them of his love!  

In the end, however, he leaves them on their own, with the only condition to never come running to him. He can’t hide his amusement at the power struggles in the newly-formed United States and makes a sarcastic remark towards John Adams! President Adams, good luck!

But don’t you think that the goofballs of Broadway are underappreciated! All of these above have received high critical and audience acclaim! Josh Gad, Alex Brightman, and Jonathan Groff received a Tony Awards Nomination for their role as Cunningham, Beetlejuice, and George III, while Kate Rockwell and Max Cassella received Drama Desk Award nominations as Karen and Timon respectively.

Goofballs are cool, but how did they go all the way up to Broadway? What about those, who made the transition to Hollywood? Seeing a Broadway show can be a form of therapy on its own!