Hardest Songs on Broadway

Musical acts on Broadway are known for their diversity and some of them – with their difficulty. The task was as hard as the songs, but here are the hardest songs on Broadway!

“Getting Married Today” Company

Sondheim is nothing if acknowledged for his words. And the 1970’s “Company” features an overplus of robust, wordy songs. we have a tendency to nearly went with “Another Hundred individuals,” however “Getting Married Today” takes the cake. Amy sings this song as Associate in Nursing anthem to timidness all over within the moments before her wedding. Through the song, Amy fully self-destructs – turning into additional and additional anxiety, and singing additional and additional quickly till she involves the top. Not solely is that the song very fast and wordy, however, it’s a troublesome comedic line to steer. The audience has got to be ready to tease Amy whereas at the same time feeling dangerous for her as they watch her collapse on stage. But, once it’s done right, it’s humorous and spectacular besides.

“The Phantom of the Opera” The Phantom of the Opera

Sing, my angel of music! Sing, for me! And build it as high as humanly possible! This one could be a doozy, folks. The titular song in Saint Andrew actor Webber’s “The Phantom of the Opera” comes once Christine 1st follows the Phantom down into his den – and therefore the finish of the song is totally killer. The Phantom begins to as if by magic draw notes out of Christine, everyone beyond the last. By the time she finally gets to the top of the tune, she lets out Associate in Nursing E6 – the very best note within the song, and within the show. The Phantom gets his own moment to shine later with the terribly troublesome “The Music of the Night,” however Associate in Nursing E6? There’s nothing additional spectacular than that … poor Christine.

“Glitter and Be Gay” Candide

Dangle a shiny object before of a soprano and you’ll bet they’ll try and sing it – however, to sound sensible on “Glitter and Be Gay,” you’ve needed to have some serious chops. 1st of all, the comedic chops required to essentially sell this performance aren’t any joke – it’s a particularly physical song, which might be a challenge once you’re systematically hit high E-flats – 3, to be actual. additionally, to those ridiculous notes, there are such a big amount of long, languorous passages that need extreme thinness and management. If you’ve got the heart to even try this one? Well, we have a tendency to salute you. Glitter and be gay, my friend!


These songs are hard, the hardest on Broadway! The vocal prowess needed to perform them is sky-high!

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