Musicals Set in Fictional Realms

The stage of musical theater is the best vehicle in the world. You can travel in space, in time, and within dimensions. That allows you to visit different worlds that hardly exist and are far different from ours. These musicals set in fictional realms give us an opportunity to visit places beyond our imagining.

The Lion King

Despite being set in our world, the Pride Lands, inhabited by talking animals and ruled by a royal bloodline of lions is mostly fictional. But I’m sure that the show owes a lot of its success to the original and quite authentic land.

The Lion King is a record-breaker and one of the most beloved shows on Broadway, grossing $8.1 billion for his whole run since 1997.  It is part of Disney’s flagship “Lion King” franchise that has proven to be a huge success, winning multiple awards both on screen, stage, for its music, conceiving several popular spin-offs.


Another successful Disney creation that takes place in a little different version of our world. The Medieval Arabian city of Agrabah, located somewhere in the desert, near the Jordan River. This location of the Arabian Desert is somewhat magical. There is a magical cave with tons of gold, jewels, and other prized possessions. The most valuable, however, is a lamp containing a magical Genie that will grant the one that freed him three wishes, thus becoming a target for many ambitious men.

The city is ruled by the kind and merciful Sultan named…well, the Sultan, and his daughter Jasmin. His main goal is to marry her to a powerful and rich prince, but she turns down all of them, preferring to walk through the common people in disguise. That is until she meets Prince Ali.


Another Disney classic that made a huge success on the stage. This time the world is a bit far from the one we live in, but this makes it even more exciting! 

The Kingdom of Arendelle is home to both humans, and magical rock-like beings known as hidden folk, or trolls. Many of the humans in the show also have magical abilities, like Princess Elsa. She has the ability to call blizzards, turn people’s hearts into ice, and rise castles. Of course, one of the other main topics of the show is the most powerful magic ever – love!


Probably the most different world of them all! With its witches, green witches, talking animals, and goat professors, potions, and flying brooms, the Land of Oz as far from ours as it can get. 

However, they share a lot of problems with our world. Oppression, corrupt governments, discrimination, and puppet rulers are just a small part of the common ground between planet Earth in the 21st century and the Land of Oz. And they share similarities in their problem-solving ways, like blaming one of those that speak the truth in being an outlaw, criminal, or Wicked. 

Of course, there are many magical beings “playing” in our world like The Phantom, but the Paris Opera is surely in our world. Yet, I’m not sure about the cave below. 

We need this sort of magic on stage. These musicals set in fictional realms give us an outlet, a way to escape our everyday problems and issues. Also, they make a perfect background for kids’ plays giving the little ones a boost of imagination. 

Cast replacements? Or original cast? Anyway, we have a lot to look for in 2021st!