Romantic Shows on Broadway: A Great Date Night!

Raising Glass and its sexy pre-show offer you the romance and sensuality you need for a date night. Not to mention the show’s ravishing love story, which will move you to tears. Raise the glass, if you will, this musical will push your blood pressure to the limit, as will your heart rate. Here are the most romantic shows on Broadway!


If feminism is what you’re aiming for, then SIX is the perfect night, and if your date is having a blast, then it’s the right choice. Head to VIX for an easy stroll through the streets of New York City with a glass of wine in hand and a good book.


Based on the Disney animated classic, this Broadway musical invites you to a whole new world full of surprises. Featuring new melodies by original composer Alan Menken, the show is the perfect blend of nostalgia and the unexpected.


Two romantic Greek mythologies are interwoven in this musical about the story of Orpheus and Eurydice and their love for each other. Greek mythology, and let yourself be carried away into a new world full of love, friendship, romance, love and adventure.

While Orpheus works on the melody that will bring back spring, Eurydice is lured to the safety of the underworld, but suffers and suffers, and Hades tries to hold on to his wife. But his desire drives him crazy, the love of his life disappears with her and he goes crazy with his desires. History asks us, astonishingly, how much do we trust ourselves and how much of ourselves do you trust them?

The Lion King

The Timon and Pumbaa comedy will make you laugh, while the Mufasa tragedy will certainly make you cry, but Disney magic will forever remind you of that night. Feel the love tonight and feel reminded of Disney’s magic with this Disney animated film that has been on Broadway for more than two decades.

The Phantom of the Opera

A young ballerina, Christine Daae, becomes an opera star when the Phantom of the Paris Opera begins to teach her the secrets of his secret life. The Phantom of the Opera is not only the longest Broadway show in history, but also the most romantic show I have ever seen on Broadway.

Her talent and beauty also catch the eye of the Phantom, a mysterious man with a secret life of his own and a love for Christian’s mother.

These romantic shows on Broadway are perfect for a date night or celebrating Valentine’s Day!

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