Shows Featuring Service Men and Women

The service men and women of the USA are the unsung heroes of our time. Most of the time they remain faceless and nameless, but occasionally they receive the credit they deserve. Broadway makes no exception to this. Here are Shows Featuring Service Men and Women on Broadway!

Miss Saigon (1991)

The Claude-Michel Schönberg and Alain Boublil play revolves around the love story between an American soldier – Christ, and Vietnamese bargirl Kim. A classical story of a doomed love during the war, they still manage to reunite years later. The musical was inspired by Giacomo Puccini’s 1904 opera Madame Butterfly.

The first run of the show was highly controversial, just like the Vietnamese war. It received criticism for the depiction of the Vietnamese, but that was changed in the last run from 2017 where it was emphasized more on the consequences of the American presence in the country. The original production won three Tony Awards.

White Christmas

The movie-based musical tells the story of Bob Wallace and Phil Davis who met in the army and gaining popularity after it as singers and dancers. They used their rising popularity to help their old commander – General Waverly, who’s inn had financial problems. So, they decided to put on a show in order to raise the needed money. 

White Christmas is a really funny one, full of madcap comedy, misunderstandings, and Irving Berlin music. The play was widely loved by the audience, being presented both on Broadway and West End, as well as with tours in the US and the UK, and a prominent run in Australia.


“Bandstand” made history by becoming the first play to be certified by Got Your 6. It got acclaim for the realistic depiction of war and how it affects everyone. 

Musician Donny Novitski returns home after fighting in WWII where he loses a close friend. After entering a radio contest, he assembles a band of veterans along with his friend’s widow – Julia. Is there a romance blooming?

“Bandstand” is a shout out to all veterans, giving the perspective of their lives and struggles after they return home providing post-war America a look into the effects the Second World War had on America’s heroes.


As a kid in the Caribbean I wished for a war

I knew that I was poor

I knew it was the only way to

Rise up

“Right Hand Man”

So, Hamilton got one. He became a prominent commander and a hero of the Revolutionary war. A fact, that is missing in the play is that, at some point, Alexander Hamilton was in charge of the whole continental army, making him practically the chief of staff and supreme commander. 

“Hamilton” depicts the battles of independence, giving the name and face of not only the most famous fighters like gen. Washington, Hercules Mulligan, and marquis de Lafayette, but common soldiers like John Laurens. This way Lin-Manuel Miranda pays homage to those that fought and that fell during the wars. 

Not all superheroes wear capes. Most of the time they wear military uniforms. These shows featuring service men and women are the ultimate tribute that these heroes can receive! 

Join us in these fictional realms!

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