The Actor’s Guide: how to make it in New York?

Are you an aspiring actor who dreams to play on the theatre stage of the great Broadway theatre in New York? The city is the heart of American theatre and a dream for many. Perhaps, you’ve recently arrived in New York City and wonder how to get your acting career started. Here’re a few tips to help you make it as an actor in New York.

Settling down in New York

First things first. You need an apartment to live in. You can use Facebook groups or search on applications and websites like Roomi and Streeteasy. Consider living with a roommate to save money.

Supporting yourself financially in New York

Many aspiring actors who have just arrived in New York find it hard to support themselves financially while auditioning for their first big role. So, you need a job, which is flexible enough to allow you to audition for acting roles. Being a waiter/waitress is one option, which has one big advantage – tips. In this way, you’ll be able to pay your rent and bills. There’re plenty of other interim jobs’ options as well – working as a tutor, dancer, fitness instructor, singer, or any other job you might be good at and which will leave you essential time for acting and auditioning in the meantime.

If you’re currently living in another city in preparation to move to New York and make it as an actor there, consider what are your options and maybe look for jobs in advance, so that you have your finances in good order. Last but not least, make sure you have enough savings to rely on until you find a job, be it acting or interim one. Work on your resume, get some experience, and get in touch with people, who might help you gain a competitive edge on the job market in New York City.

Auditioning for acting roles in New York

Be ready for lots of auditions, some of which will happen on a single day. It’s essential to keep track of time and organize yourself so that you’ll be the first to sign for the auditions and actually attend them. For auditioning on the Broadway theatre stage, look in their BroadwayWorld’s audition listings, where they post open auditions.

Mental preparation is important – it will probably take time and you’ll face rejection daily. It doesn’t mean you’re bad at acting or not worthy. And the time will pass anyway, right? Why not use it to follow your dream?

Network, network, network

Making it as an actor is not easy. And even more so in New York. But as with any job networking might help. Go out there and connect to like-minded professionals. That way you might land the acting role you have always wanted. Also, it’s a chance to meet new friends in the actors’ community, and having good friends in the big and overwhelming New York will make all the difference.

Hope your big move to New York City is successful and you become the great actor you have always wanted to be.

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